Lake Michigan Shipwrecks Visible from the Air

The waters of Lake Michigan are so clear right now that many of its historic sunken ships are currently visible from the air.
Lake Michigan shipwrecks visible from the air
Remains of the 133-foot wooden steamer Rising Sun visible from the air in Lake Michigan. It became stranded off Pyramid Point on October 29, 1917.

During a routine patrol, the US Coast Guard Air Station in Traverse City recently discovered that the waters of Lake Michigan are so clear right now, many of its historic shipwrecks are visible from the air.

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Last week they shared some amazing photos of these wrecks lying on the bottom of the lake. While not much is known about some of them, the Coast Guard has added some information on the wrecks that was provided by viewers.

Shipwreck of the James McBride in Lake Michigan
The James McBride ran aground near Sleeping Bear Dune and was abandoned on October 19, 1857.

Unidentified shipwreck in Lake Michigan
Unidentified shipwreck in Lake Michigan

Unknown Lake Michigan shipwreck
Unknown shipwreck visible in Lake Michigan below the cliff

Two unknown shipwrecks visible in Lake Michigan
Two sunken ships in shallow water

via Smithsonian

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8 years ago

That is beautiful, sad and astonishing all at once. A piece of history and would love to learn about the unknown wrecks.

8 years ago

Those are incredible! I grew up in the Chicago area and didn’t even know about most of these wrecks. Thanks for sharing