Spend the Weekend in a UFO in Northern Wisconsin

Looking for an unusual getaway? A retro flying saucer-shaped Futuro house is available to rent for a weekend retreat in Northern Wisconsin.
Futuro house UFO-shaped getaway available to rent in northern Wisconsin

When you think of getaways in Northern Wisconsin, camping or cabins usually come to mind. However, I think most Cult of Weird readers would agree that a lakeside UFO sounds much more interesting.

The late 1960s bore witness to a strange but efficient architectural concept: The UFO-shaped Futuro House. Only 96 of these odd homes were ever made, so getting the opportunity see one in person is rare, much less spend the night in it. Many of the remaining Futuro houses became space-themed amusement rides, roadside attractions, or were abandoned in the woods to become to fuel of local legends and campfire stories.

In Wisconsin, however, you can actually live in one for a weekend. That is, if you don’t mind sharing the woods with Wisconsin’s various monsters, ghosts and ghouls.

The Poggemann Pod, as it is called, is located on Sumach Lake in Arbor Vitae, Wisconsin. It is an original Futuro house with a furnished living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom around a central fireplace. And it even includes 80s sci-fi movies on VHS and DVD for a true retro experience.

The living room of the Futuro UFO house in Northern Wisconsin

Wisconsin Futuro house dining

Kitchen of the Wisconsin Futuro house

Futuro bathroom

The space age UFO toilet of the Wisconsin Futuro house
UFO toilets are remarkably similar to standard Earth toilets.

Wisconsin Futuro house bedroom
They say the bedroom is where the magic happens. In this case, it’s probably more like probing.

UPDATE: The Poggemann Pod is under new ownership and is no longer available to rent.

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