Unsolved Mysteries is Still Fascinating and Chilling Nearly 30 Years Later

Thanks to the miracle of Amazon streaming video, Unsolved Mysteries is once again reminding us that the world is terrifying and full of psychopathic killers.
Unsolved Mysteries host Robert Stack
Robert Stack, host of Unsolved Mysteries, now streaming on Amazon

I was seven years old when the Unsolved Mysteries series began airing in October of 1988. It didn’t take long before the theme song, along with the ominous tones of Robert Stack’s voice, became synonymous with scary things: Murders, missing persons, UFOs, ghosts. For many of us, this show may have been our introduction to enduring mysteries like the D.B. Cooper skyjacking, the haunting of the Queen Mary, the Beale Ciphers, the haunted bunk bed, not to mention an endless stream of horrifying cold cases. We willingly gathered together around our flickering cathode ray tube televisions to be imbued with a Hitchcockian, Rear Window-esque sense of paranoia and dread.

“Perhaps someone watching tonight knows what happened, and can reveal the truth,” Robert told us. “Perhaps it’s you.”

Suddenly you realized that yes, your new neighbor does kinda look like that bloodthirsty convict with the 1970s Ron Jeremy mustache who escaped prison 10 years ago and remains at large to this day….

Unsolved Mysteries season 1 on Amazon
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Until now, if you wanted to relive those cherished anxieties of days gone by, you had to dig up one of the out-of-print DVD collections compiling episodes by type, i.e. Ghosts, UFOs, Psychics, Miracles, Strange Legends. A couple years ago, when I was trying to track down the episode about the haunted Tallmann house that happened so close to home, it was apparently going to cost me $140 for the disc on eBay.

However, the almighty gods of Amazon have now made these episodes available to us through streaming video right here to remind us why we should never leave the house, and instill terror in a whole new generation.

Praise be to Amazon.

Unsolved Mysteries

What was your favorite Unsolved Mysteries story?

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