Interactive Cannibalism Exhibit Opens at San Diego’s Museum of Man

Explore the history of cannibalism in this one-of-a-kind interactive exhibit at the San Diego Museum of Man. Who’s ready to eat?
Interactive cannibalism exhibit opens at the San Diego Museum of Man
Operation: Cannibal Edition

The Museum of Man in San Diego has launched a new interactive exhibit dedicated to a topic that tends to get us pretty excited here at Cult of Weird HQ: cannibalism. That’s right, consuming human flesh is no longer just humanity’s greatest taboo – it is now educational and wholesome fun for the whole family. Recommended for children ages 10 and up, of course, because gnawing on friends at recess is generally frowned upon.

Cannibals: Myth & Reality aims to humanize the taboo through stories and hands-on activities (no, not eating each other) designed to help you see history’s notorious cannibals in a different light:

  • Hear the emotional first-hand account of the Uruguayan rugby players who, trapped high in the Andes Mountains, resorted to cannibalism to survive.
  • Learn why European explorers falsely used the label of “cannibal” to enslave and control people around the world.
  • Step into the apothecary shop to find out how the human body has been used as medicine.
  • Play the “Donner Trail” video game based on the Donner Party: will you live or die?
  • While stranded at sea, decide who among you will be eaten so that the others may live. Maybe you’ll be the one who draws the short straw!
  • Finally, figure out if you already do things that make you a cannibal, too.

Read more about Cannibals: Myth & Reality here:
Interactive cannibalism exhibit comes to San Diego’s Museum of Man

Cannibalism facts from the Museum of Man Cannibals exhibit

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