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Friday Featured Oddities #1: Mysterious Crustacean, Bat Necklace, and Human Skull Bowl

Today’s roundup of weird art and morbid oddities for sale.
Weird art and oddities for sale
The eye of the Great Gorther Shell by Tom Ellis

I’ve been doing Friday Featured Oddities on the Cult Facebook page off and on for years now, sharing art and oddities for sale either by members of the Cult of Weird community or shops I stumble upon by fortuitous happenstance. As Facebook continues to tighten its grip on organic reach, however, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get those kinds of posts seen.

So, as long as time permits (which may be rarely…we’ll see how it goes) I’m going to round up 3 weird, morbid, and/or creepy items to feature every Friday. Hopefully it doesn’t go extinct like Weekend Weird.

Without further ado, here are today’s featured oddities:

The Great Gorther Shell

The Great Gorther Shell by Tom Ellis
“The Great Gorther Shell,” a mysterious crustacean sculpted by artist Tom Ellis. This and other unique creatures are available in his Etsy shop right here.

Silver Bat Necklace

Handmade silver bat necklace
Silver plated bat handmade by JackieHatesYou. Get this and other macabre items in her Etsy shop right here.

Human Skull Bowl

Human skull bowl by Catacomb Culture
Feast like Ed Gein – enjoy your breakfast from the cranium of this human skull bowl by Catacomb Culture. This and other home decor inspired by human remains available right here.

Do you have art or oddities available online that should be included in an upcoming Friday Featured Oddities?
Send photos, links, and descriptions to info@cultofweird.com

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