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Friday Featured Oddities #2: Goat Skull, Spirit Specimen, and Grim Ghoul

Today’s gathering of weird art and morbid oddities for sale.
Black goat skull by Bloodreligion
Black goat skull by Bloodreligion

I didn’t have to wander too far off into the dark, unknown corners of the internet to find this week’s picks. I unearthed today’s featured oddities from a few of my favorite artists whose work conjures a yearning for cooler days and thinning veils.

Let’s peel back the veil and take a peek into what awaits on the other side.

Little Philip

Little Philip black mounted goat skull by Bloodreligion
A black goat skull and spikes from my favorite purveyors of Norse heathenry, Bloodreligion. Available now in their shop.

Spirit Specimen

Spirit Specimen ghost under glass by Dr. Morose and Miss Macabre
A handmade ghost in a jar from Dr. Morose and Miss Macabre. Find this and other morbid goods in their wicked little shoppe right here.

Grim Ghoul Print

Grim Ghoul print by Meagan Meli
This ghoulish print by artist Meagan Meli makes me long for October. Why isn’t it Halloween yet? Get this and more macabre art in Meagan’s shop right here.

Do you have art or oddities available online that should be included in an upcoming Friday Featured Oddities?
Send photos, links, and descriptions to info@cultofweird.com

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