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Friday Featured Oddities #4: Lake Monster, Haunted House Spray, and Skeletal John Wayne Gacy

Today’s gathering of weird art and morbid oddities for sale.
John Wayne Gacy by History Bones
John Wayne Gacy by History Bones

Happy Friday the 13th! Today’s featured oddities come from a couple of my favorite artists, Cait May and Lee Harper. I also recently discovered the macabre scents of Seance Perfumes. Well, I haven’t actually smelled them yet, but I like the look and sound of it.

As long as they live up to the musty old corpse smell I imagine, they’ll be perfect.

Lake Monster print

Lake Monster by Cait May
I had the honor of meeting the incredibly talented Cait May at the 2016 Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, and desperately wanted a print of her lake monster. Sadly, I had already spent my money on a sasquatch footprint cast and diecast Dragula signed by Eddie Munster. Someday I will have one of these on my wall. Prints are available in Cait’s shop right here.

Haunted House Spray

Seance Perfumes Haunted House spray
This Haunted House room and body spray from Seance Perfumes is sure to awaken some lingering spirits with its “sweet smell of fine cognac and butterscotch candies.” Grab a bottle right here.

Skeletal John Wayne Gacy

John Wayne Gacy diorama by History Bones
Artist Lee Harper uses tiny skeletons to recreate history’s darkest moments in intricate detail. This piece features Chicago serial killer John Wayne Gacy applying the greasepaint he used to become Pogo the clown. Get this deranged, one-of-a-kind original piece right here.

Since it is Friday the 13th, I’ve decided to include one more…

Camp Crystal Lake Candle

Camp Crystal Lake candle by Sick Wix
Hey campers, this Camp Crystal Lake triple wick candle is handmade by the deliciously creepy Sick Wix, and comes in red (Campfire Carnagefragrance) or green (Tortured Woods fragrance) to enhance your macabre summer camp experience. Get this candle right here.

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