Post-Halloween blues

Weekend Weird: Post-Halloween Blues Edition

Trick or treat meth, haunted dolls, Chicago mothman attack and more in this week’s roundup of weird news and media.

I’m either too depressed that October is over, or too tired (is it too much to ask for a cup of coffee around here?) to string words together into interesting sentences. The most wonderful time of the year is over, and while skulls and other scary things will remain on display in the Cult of Weird hive, the ghoulish celebrations are over, the branches are bare, and another oppressive Wisconsin winter is quickly approaching.

What’s most depressing is that I barely even partook in the festivities this year. I didn’t get to any haunted houses, couldn’t make it to the 3rd annual Milwaukee Paranormal Conference, totally missed the human sacrifices and blood orgies. But I did get to experience Flags Great America during Fright Fest, see Stephen King in the flesh on the Sleeping Beauties tour with his son Owen, and I managed to dig up some local history on a family of influential spiritualists from the mid-1800s.

So the season wasn’t a complete loss, but we could still use a couple extra months of Halloween.

While I mourn the passing of yet another samhain, here’s this week’s roundup of weird news to fend off the blues:

Weird news

Inside the macabre personal museum of occult collector Calvin Von Crush

Artist Lee Harper’s morbid historical dioramas

Flying Chicago phantom attacks couple in park

Ghost Club: Yeats’s and Dickens’s secret society of spirits

On eBay, a fantastical, earnest world of haunted dolls

Speaking of haunted dolls, has Ghost Adventures ruined the Annabelle legend?

Incredible photos from the exhumation of H.H. Holmes

What do ghost stories actually tell us?

Digital reconstruction reveals the face of the Torryburn Witch

Why do people see ghosts?

Coven of paddle board witches spotted on river

The rise of freelance exorcists in France

Mysterious void discovered deep within the Great Pyramid of Giza

The bizarre reality of Walking Corpse Syndrome

Wisconsin parent finds meth in child’s Halloween candy

Nails, needles found in Halloween candy in two Wisconsin communities

Oxford researcher says aliens would look like us

1865 book disproves ghosts with optical illusions

Mineral called vivianite grows on dead bodies and turns them blue

Santa Muerte: The rise of Mexico’s death saint

NASA releases spooky space sounds from across the solar system

Giant interactive Stranger Things-style Ouija board

Tropical storm Ophelia unearthed an ancient skeleton in Ireland

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This Week’s Featured WEIRD BOOK

Death and Douglas by J.W. Ocker
The first work of fiction from J.W. Ocker of Odd Things I’ve Seen, Death and Douglas tells the story of a boy who sets out to solve a mystery when “incredibly out of the ordinary” murder victims start showing up at his family’s funeral home.


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