Charlie Charlie Challenge: Kids Are Invoking A Mexican Demon for Life Advice

What the hell is the Charlie Charlie Challenge? Kids are summoning a Mexican demon on Twitter for advice on life and dating. For some reason.
Summoning a Mexican demon with the Charlie Charlie Challenge

In my family, we have a tradition of blaming strange noises and other mundane but seemingly “paranormal” activity on Uncle Charlie, a mischievous entity whose origins are a complete mystery to me. Though I can safely assume it most likely had something to do with liquor.

I’m sure my family poltergeist is not related to the Mexican Charlie Charlie demon kids are currently trying to summon from his fiesta to play advice columnist from beyond, but it’s still a better love story than Titanic.

Wait, that’s the wrong meme. What the hell am I talking about again?

Oh yeah, the latest stupid craze to take the Internet by storm, confirming once again that humanity is, in fact, completely and utterly doomed.

The Charlie Charlie Challenge

If you put any stock in Ouija boards, divination or demons, then the latest viral trend will probably send a shiver down your spine. Or, at the very least, invoke a serious facepalm. Using time-honored spirit communication tools such as pencils and loose leaf paper, kids are playing a new game in which they attempt to summon a Mexican demon for advice and dating tips, then share videos of their hair-raising encounters on Twitter with #CharlieCharlieChallenge.

How to Play Charlie Charlie

Here’s the Cult of Weird do-it-yourself guide to summoning a demon for business and/or pleasure:

  • Get a piece of paper
  • Write “Yes” and “No” in the boxes of a 2×2 grid
  • Balance two pencils in a cross in the center
  • Say “Charlie, Charlie are you here?” or “can we play?”
  • Run away screaming.

Like this:

We used to gather in dark, candle-lit chambers with Ouija boards, chicken guts, drug-fueled orgies and human sacrifices. Now we’re using pencils, smartphones and hashtags. Please excuse me while I curl up inside the bloody pentagram in my basement and cry.

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Toni Viegut
8 years ago

That video cracked me up! How far did he run? Lol

8 years ago

There’s a bunch of weird games and challenges kids are doing now. There’s a subreddit, and a man called lupus creepus on YouTube tries them out. There’s the elevator to another world. Hide and seek alone. One about a demonic cab ride. The midnight man. A lot of them seem to come from Korea or Japan perhaps, but not Mexico.

8 years ago

Is Charlie even a Mexican name??? I mean, shouldn’t it be Javier, Javier or something?