Mortis the monster truck hearse

Mortis, the 1967 Cadillac Superior 6×6 Monster Hearse

This repurposed hearse may not haul bodies anymore, but it does haul ass through bogs of mud on monster 60-inch tires.

Check out Jimmy Driver’s insane 6×6 monster hearse! “Mortis” sits 10 feet high on six 60-inch tires and weighs in at 20,000 pounds. It was built from a 1967 Cadillac Superior funeral coach and scrap parts, but with a massive 6V53 Detroit Diesel engine in the back, this beast isn’t carrying coffins anymore.

Driver built Mortis for mud bogging around his native Naples, Idaho countryside.

“The best way to drive a Detroit-powered anything,” Driver says, “is to get in it, get it running, slam your finger in the door, then try to blow it up the rest of the day.”

So Jimmy, what would it take to get Mortis for my funeral?

Thanks to my friends at Dead Sled Brand for sharing this video and putting Mortis on my radar.
If you like grease, gasoline, and graveyards, get some grimy hearse gear right here.

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