Weirdest Facebook Posts for July

The Cult of Weird community is growing at dizzying rates across our various social media profiles, including Twitter (@CultofWeird), Tumblr and Google+. However, by far the largest, fastest-growing and most entertaining is the Cult of Weird Facebook page.

The daily weird news and other media spawns endless entertainment through comments, sharing of relevant information and similar articles, photos, etc.

Here are the top 20 weird posts of July, based on comments, shares and other interactions:

20. Sleep in coffins

Sleep in a coffin hotel bed
Propeller Island City Lodge in Berlin, Germany offers the opportunity to spend the night in a coffin.
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19. Snake hiding in toilet bites man’s penis

Always remember to check toilets for snakes before you use them.
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18. Denture Bracelet

Denture bracelet for sale on Etsy
This denture bracelet is for sale on Etsy and stirring up quite the conversation.
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17. The lobotomy of Rosemary Kennedy

The younger sister of John F. Kennedy was lobotomized at the age of 23 due to mood swings. She spent the rest of her life incapacitated.
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16. Blazing mouse gets revenge

A poetic true story of man versus mouse: Man catches mouse. Man throws mouse in fire. Mouse runs out of fire into house. Burning mouse burns down house.
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15. Man caught having sex with pool raft…again

So many questions linger after reading this article.
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14. Cactus Bikini

Vintage photo of a woman wearing a cactus bikini
If Cult of Weird had a swimsuit issue, it would probably look something like this.
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13. The Accidents of Youth

The Accidents of Youth - Why children shouldn't climb trees
This book from 1819 lays it out clearly: Disobey parents, accidentally set yourself on fire. Don’t follow the rules, accidentally kill your mom.

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12. Girl eating tarantula

Girl eating tarantula
Apparently the proper way to eat a tarantula is by burning the hair off first, and then only eating the legs. File this under horrible things I never wanted to know.
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11. North Sentinel Island

The forbidden North Sentinel Island
North Sentinel Island is inhabited by an ancient, mysterious tribe adorned in the bones of their ancestors who do not allow outsiders to step foot on the island.
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10. Vintage photo of creepy dolls

Vintage photo of creepy dolls
Apparently dolls tend to make some people a little uneasy…
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9. Little Blue Man

Little blue man
In 1958 townsfolk driving between Elkton and Bad Axe, Michigan began sighting a mysterious little blue man with superhuman abilities. The little blue man turned out to be three local pranksters and a slew of exaggerated eye witness accounts.
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8. Snake with its head stuck in a can

Snake with its head stuck in a can
Go home snake, you’re drunk.
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7. Demented Dollhouses

Demented dollhouse
Creepy and surreal dollhouses painstakingly crafted by French artist Marc Giai-Miniet.
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6. Pyura Chilensis

It looks like a rock, until you cut it open and find guts inside. People eat these things…
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5. Hotdogs

Vintage hotdog lady
There is something irresistible about a woman with a mouthful of hotdogs.
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4. Pillbug Car

Pillbug car from the 1940s
A Pillbug car from the 1940s. Haven’t found any other info on it yet.
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3. Vintage alien boy

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2. Amputee builds prosthetic leg out of LEGOs

Amputee builds LEGO prosthetic leg
Little plastic bricks of hope.
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1. Cat Beard

Vintage photo of a man with a cat in his beard
I have no explanation for this.
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