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Ed Gein's cauldron

Is Ed Gein’s Cauldron Haunted?

Did Ed Gein use this cauldron to hold human remains? Is it cursed? Here’s the story behind the ghoulish artifact on display at Zak Bagan’s Haunted Museum.

Zak Bagans to Feature Haunted Objects in New Series Deadly Possessions

Zak Bagans, star of Ghost Adventures, will feature cursed and haunted objects in the new Travel Channel series Deadly Possessions.
Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans will feature haunted objects in new Travel Channel series

Zak Bagans, paranormal investigator and star of the Travel Channel’s Ghost Adventurers, recently announced a new series centered around haunted objects called Deadly Possessions. Bagans has been collecting unusual items for a while now, including a demon-infested hell house in Gary, Indiana, Dr. Kevorkian’s death mobile, and a skull which apparently caused himself and his girlfriend to be attacked by an evil entity in their home.

Well it turns out Zak is opening a museum in Las Vegas to showcase items believed to possess negative energy and evil attachments. The new series will feature some of the most notorious inanimate objects, including Robert the killer doll (Zak loves dolls), the Dibbuk box, and “a secret possession implicated in the death of actress Natalie Wood.”

Well, now we know what he wanted with Ed Gein’s cauldron.

Deadly Possessions premieres on Saturday, April 2nd at 9pm, 8 central on the Travel Channel.

Zak Bagans will feature haunted objects in his new Travel Channel series Deadly Possessions

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Zak Bagans of Ghost Adventures Takes Home Ed Gein’s Cauldron

Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans put in the winning bid on the cauldron once used to hold human body parts by Wisconsin deviant Ed Gein.
Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans takes home a cauldron once owned by Wisconsin deviant Ed Gein

An item believed to have been owned by Ed Gein hit the auction block in Wisconsin last weekend. The object was a rusty cauldron said to have been purchased from the Gein estate sale in 1958. A former neighbor named Hollis Brown saw the cauldron in a shed on the property while assisting police with cleanup in the wake of Gein’s November 16th, 1957 arrest.

It was filled with blood and human remains.


Following the auction, a member of the Sauk County Paranormal group was kind enough to drop by and give us an update. It turns out Zak Bagans, star of the Travel Channel series Ghost Adventures, had his eye on the cauldron. Not surprisingly, he had the winning bid at $2,800.

I reached out to Bagans to talk about his purchase, but I guess Cult of Weird isn’t quite that cool yet. He told TMZ later that he thinks the cauldron will “make a nice conversation piece for guests” while on display in his home.

A cauldron that belonged to Ed Gein was bought by Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans
The Ed Gein cauldron bought by Zak Bagans

Skepticism Over the Cauldron’s Authenticity

Naturally, there has been some skepticism over the authenticity of the cauldron. In the comments of my original article, even a resident of Plainfield, where Gein lived and committed his bizarre acts, expressed doubt in the claims. Katy said “I live in the Plainfield area and I don’t believe for one minute this stuff belonged to gein. It’s a good story and a good way to make money. But the people in Plainfield don’t talk about or offer up artifacts.”

The cauldron’s previous owner, Dan McIntyre, whose grandmother claimed to have purchased the cauldron from the Gein estate sale in 1958, says “there will always be skeptics.” He doesn’t seem to let it bother him. It was his friend Hollis Brown who told him about helping Gein’s parents render hog fat in the cauldron in the years before he saw it filled with human remains in the shed.

McIntyre does, however, seem to be relieved to be rid of it. He believes it may be filled with a dark energy that went dormant while sitting covered in his garage. While preparing it for the auction, though, he thinks the evil was awakened. He blames the cauldron for a mysterious illness and disturbances of his electrical devices in the month leading up to the sale. He wonders if he should have kept the cauldron and planted flowers in it, let it be forgotten by time, rather then send that evil out into the world.

Besides the cauldron and a shovel, which were both won by Bagans, a pair of skis and other items that once belonged to Ed Gein were also sold at the auction.

Bagans is known for being a collector of macabre and presumably cursed objects. In 2014 he purchased a house in Gary, Indiana known as the “Portal to Hell” where claims of demonic activity made headlines in 2012. Later that year he reportedly put his Las Vegas home, complete with secret dungeon, up for sale after fleeing it two years earlier. He believed a demonic entity had attacked himself and his girlfriend after he brought home a human skull.