Charles Manson’s Fiance Just Wants Him for His Corpse

It turns out the Charles Manson marriage is a deviant plot to get his corpse and put it on display. But this is only a minor setback…because he will never die.
Charles Manson's fiance Afton Elaine Burton just wanted to marry him for his corpse

Serial killer memorabilia can be big business – John Wayne Gacy paintings of his Pogo the Clown persona, relics from the farmhouse of Wisconsin deviant Ed Gein, Charles Manson’s spiders.

So why not Manson himself?

It seems as though Afton Elaine Burton, the woman who became engaged to Charles Manson last year, was only in it for his corpse. It is being reported that she and a friend planned to obtain Manson’s body after death to display in a glass case in LA.

The joke is on her, though, as Manson has informed her he is immortal.

Charles Manson gif

Manson was admitted into a medical facility two months ago for treatment of an infection, which has delayed the wedding. The marriage license expired last week, but the love birds intend to renew it when Manson is feeling better.

via The Independent

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Lonnie Santrock
7 years ago

The line between murderer and dedicated Christian becomes more and more blurry every day.

9 years ago

Notice she looks like Susan Atkins? But Susan became a dedicated Christian and this woman has a long way to go before she can match Susan in that.RIP Susan.