Fiji cannibal cave

Weekend Weird: Cannibal Week, Inside the Grave of H.H. Holmes, Missing Couple Found Mummified in Glacier, and More

This week’s weird news includes the state of Dali’s mustache in the grave, a missing couple found after 75 years, and the hidden eighth continent.

This week was supposed to be Cannibal Week here on Cult of Weird. It began last year when I realized the anniversaries of two interesting accounts of historical cannibalism occur in the same week: Tasmanian cannibal Alexander Pearce was executed on July 19, 1824, and, in one of the last known acts of cannibalism in Fiji, missionary Thomas Baker was eaten after insulting the chief…150 years ago today on July 21, 1867.

While I did celebrate Cannibal Week in my heart, I failed to sit down at a computer long enough to write any new posts here on the site. So let’s take a moment to enjoy some previously posted cannibalism:

And here’s the rest of this week’s weird news roundup:

Jeff Mudgett reveals what was found in the grave of H.H. Holmes

The Milwaukee Paranormal Conference is happening October 13-15

Salvador Dali was exhumed and his mustache found intact

Swiss couple missing since WWII found mummified in a glacier in the Alps

Help fund the world’s weirdest vending machine full of art and oddities

Journey to Zealandia, the hidden eighth continent

The bloody history of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Taliesin estate

New documentary explores the strange activity along Pennsylvania’s Chestnut Ridge

Oxygen treatments dramatically reduce drowned toddler’s brain damage

Every year fish rain down on this Honduras village

We may have cracked the mystery of Stonehenge

Interview with Brandon Hodge on the history of the planchette

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Shipwreck of the Lottie Cooper in Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Last week’s expedition into the wild weird yonder of Wisconsin brought me to this preserved shipwreck in Sheboygan. This is what remains of the Lottie Cooper, a large three-masted Great Lakes lumber schooner that sank during a Lake Michigan storm on April 9th, 1894. The ship capsized in the Sheboygan harbor waiting to be towed in. Five members of the crew were rescued, but one was lost while trying to float to safety on a stack of planks. The wreck was discovered in 1990 while dredging the harbor to build a new marina.

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Last week’s weird: Salem Witch Memorial, Burying the Bodies Exhibition, Earhart Photo Debunked

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